Cheung Sheung Plateau

Close to the 30km mark, you’re now further west than the starting point of the¬†Maclehose Trail.

Having passed the peak of Ngam Tau Shan a little over a kilometer ago, you are now making your way along the Cheung Sheung Plateau, a large area of upland freshwater marsh that supports frog species rarely found elsewhere in Hong Kong.  Relatively inaccessible, Cheung Sheung has retained its pristine countryside environment, offering wildlife a protected refuge in which to thrive.

And with stunning views in every direction, it is a place worth visiting.  Sitting high above Three Fathoms Cove to the west, Cheung Sheung Plateau gives unobstructed views of the Sai Kung peaks and coasts - including the majestic peak of Shek Uk Shan to the north (481m), the highest point in Sai Kung.

This striking landscape is breathtaking. For as far as your gaze can reach, magnificent crests loom over the coastal lowlands.